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Katherine Maccelari

Print designer/creator

By George!

I am a creator and a maker. Like me, my customers believe that what items they surround themselves with and invest in are unique. They have a story to begin with and a story still to come. My dedication to the process, the materials I choose, and my design aesthetic draw like minded creatives. Drawn to investing in the future over following trends. We feel that the value of objects only increase with time as they capture and preserve the story of their use.


I design and print stationery and stationery items for the home and self. I have always loved the Art of Print Making whether it be screen printing, lithography, etching, woodcut or letterpress. When doing my Honours in Design I had the privilege of experimenting with all of these methods of printing. Once I graduated from University I went straight into packaging, marketing and branding.

I then had the opportunity to combine two of my passions: interiors and print design in the lifestyle publishing arena. I worked on magazines like House and Leisure South Africa and then in the UK I worked on ELLE Decoration magazine for some years.

After leaving Elle Decoration I continued to contribute on the Art desk for Livingetc,

Homes & Gardens and the John Lewis Home bookazine.


After having my daughter Georgina, I decided to return to printmaking and pursue my dream of producing stationery using both traditional and modern methods. 

I still conceptualise and design for digital and lithographic printing, but I also invested in a Hotfoil press for my studio. Hotfoil is the process of heating a brass or magnesium plate that has been cut to my design and pressing the hot plate to the paper with foil in between. The foil is then pressed onto the paper and the design on the plate is transferred to the paper. 

The reason I chose this method is the uniqueness and quality of the final product as well as the fact that I can print small quantities and help reduce waste. I print only what is needed. The final product is fantastic for personalised stationery, event stationery and even to be used as interior ‘Art’ prints. 



I design in a modern way with lots of breathing space and simple type. Minimal in looks with a soft elegant feel about it. I have always been drawn to and influenced by Japanese aesthetics. Wabi-Sabi is about the acceptance of transience and imperfection.


Appreciating beauty that is not based on perfection.


This is what my print business is based on, each printed card is slightly different to the other pieces. Each print is slightly different depending on the foil I am using;

the heat the machine is set at and the paper I am printing on. I love the uniqueness and character that this brings to the final product. In a world of mass production where uniformity is the ideal it is extremely satisfying to be able to take a breath and produce bespoke, handmade, unique items which can or should be kept forever.


The future

It is a fledgeling business at the moment and with Covid I have had to prioritise home schooling my daughter. Going forward I intend to design and print more off-the-shelf stationery items and interior prints, as well as bespoke stationery to order. I will also continue to produce my limited-edition diaries which are handmade and bound here in the UK as well as developing new stationery products through collaboration with like-minded artisanal creatives.

Thank you!

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